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not a tiny minority that is killing, but massive demonstrations of people in egypt and tunisia and in syria asking for dignity, justice and freedom. these are also muslims. so it's the right answer to talk about millions as a response to a tiny minority of people that are not representing islam for the great, great, great majority of muslims around the world. so it's also an answer that we have to get from within the muslim countries. having said that, when i started writing the book, i was trying to get a sense of what was happening. and, of course, i started to deal with the facts. was it true as it was said that what happened in tunisia was the self-immolation of muhammad, we didn't know anything about what was happening in tunisia, in egypt, and we were caught by surprise. and by studying the fact it's quite clear that this is not the real picture of the whole process. in fact, years before -- and, in fact, we didn't take seriously what the president bush was saying in 2003 when he was saying we want democracy in the middle east. he said that when he was talking about iraq, but, in fact
demonstrations of people in egypt and tunisia and syria asking for dignity, justice and freedom. these are most of the muslims so it is talking about millions as a response to the tiny minority of the people that are not representing islam for the great great majority of muslims around the world. so it is also unanswered that we have to get from within the muslim countries. having said that, when i thought of writing the book, i was trying to get a sense of what was happening and of course i decided to deal with the facts. as it was said what happened in tunisia with the assimilation -- that we didn't know anything about what was happening in tunisia, in egypt and we were caught by surprise. it is quite clear that this is not the real picture of the whole process. in fact, years before, and in fact we didn't take seriously what the president bush was saying in 2003 when he was saying we want democracy in the middle east. he said that when he was talking about iraq but in fact he meant it and we sometimes, we didn't really listen to bush reducing his statements to the perception we had of him, f
libya to egypt to tunisia and sudan. terrible news out of afghanistan, two marines killed on a u.s. british coalition base. several others wyned on camp leatherneck, camp bastion. prince harry is there, but he was not injured. it is unclear whether the afghanistan base attack is connected to the raging violence spreading across the region. earlier, afghan protesters burned a president obama effigy. this comes as protests against the united states rage, including in egypt, where it is now four 4:00 a.m. you are looking live at cairo. parts of the city, anti-american rioters are swarming the streets, spewing hate against the united states. we have no idea what tomorrow brings, as the sun begins to rise in a short time. but this day has been extremely violent, with violent protests across the mideast and north africa, durn turning deadly. in egypt, police clashing with stone-throwing rioters outside the embassy. one person was killed. in sudan, the heaviest violence, protesters storming the u.s. embassy and setting the german embasso fire. in tunisia, police firing tear gas and guns
: constantly developing situation overseas as we continue to watch what is happening in tunisia. a few things we want to point out to you. despite the black smoke on your screen there, we don't know from the source of it. we understand from the associated press it is coming from in or around the embassy there we do have reports as well of protesters throwing stones. police being at battle as it is described with people on streets there but two important things to note today. tunisia is the place where some suggest the arab spring began when a street vendor lit himself on fire on the street in protest of the government. so that's one of the reasons why we're watching tunisia, to see again where is this arab spring headed? the other thing is the timing. it is 4:00 p.m. now in tunisia. 4:00 p.m. is around the time where afternoon prayers begin. we expect to see in the next hour or several hours after the expectation violence will get worse not better. you can see the live feed switching to local news. a lot of things happening in the entire mid-east. something we're watching closely on fox news.
. that was a brand consequence in the context of the revolutions. so in tunisia, most people know the story of mohamed fruit and vegetable vender lightening hymn on fire of december 17 of 2010. what people don't know in that then unleashed a serious of protests that unleashed the arab spring. what people don't understand is why relatively isolated event in a small town in knew teesha was able to quickly spread through tunisia. the able was to quickly spread through tunisia the protest themselves were captured over mobile phones. the video were cure rated and too knee shans people would relatively small social media following were able to reach huge numbers of people through things like satellite television and social media more broadly. the third thingic we can say is that social mia and technology facilities leaderlessness. leaderlessness. there's knob's face you're going put on a t-shirt in the revolution. if you look at the leadership structure of the revolution, it looks more like the internet itself. like a web more so with a pyramid inspiring and organizing the masses. >> leader lestn
in tunisia who is grateful for the freedoms that he now enjoys. >> he has been a cartoonist for 40 years. during that time, pen and paper have been his weapons in the fight against injustice and the struggle for change. he says the revolution in tunisia has given him new freedoms both personally and professionally. >> we only have freedom of expression in a few areas like sports, culture, or social issues. politics was taboo, regardless of whether the criticism was directed at public authorities or the government itself. we complied with those policies all those years until the revolution came, and one of its first achievements was freedom of expression. >> but he believes it is under threat again. this time, from religious conservatives, the salaphists. there blackbeard's are prominent in his cartoons. he has already received death threats. what disturbs him most is that the authorities are incapable of protecting artists' like him. >> i am confident as far as the current situation is concerned because reforms are still possible. but we must prevent a civil war between the supporters an
a tiny minority of these killings, massive demonstrations of people in egypt and tunisia and syria asking for justice and freedom. these are muslims. the right answer to talk about millions as the response to the tiny minority of people who are not representing islam for the majority of islam's around the world. it is an answer we have to get. when i started writing the book i was trying to to get a sense of what was happening and i started to deal with the fact, was it true that what happened in to nietzsche -- we do know anything about what was happening in tunisia and egypt and we were caught by surprise. by studying the fact this is not the real picture of the process. years before -- we didn't take seriously what president bush was saying in 2003 when he was saying we want democracy in the middle east. he said that when he was talking about iraq but he meant it and we didn't really listen to. reducing his statements or the perception we have of him, for getting he is representing a system. he is representing an administration. this administration pushing for many reasons and not only
in tunisia and egypt, corruption, poverty, unemployment -- many people who were visiting egypt are dealing with the media saying, there is something not going right. the situation is very bad. we knew something could happen. >> as new census figures show 46,000 americans -- millions of americans are in poverty, we will speak with tavis smiley and cornel west. >> inequality, the top 1% got 93% of income in 2010. income. wealth. that is morally obscene. it is an ethical abomination. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. protests are spreading in the middle east over u.s. made film considered blasphemous to islam. earlier today hundreds of yemeni demonstrators stormed the u.s. embassy in sanaa, smashing windows and burning cars before breaking through the compound's main gate. protests have also occurred in other countries including egypt, iraq, iran, tunisia, and bangladesh as well as the gaza strip. in cairo, at least 13 demonstrators were injured today outside the u.s. embassy. police reportedly used tear g
, everybody, it's sunday, september 16th, i'm alisyn camerota. in the middle east, ordering all in tunisia, in order to get out as the unrest there continues. and did they see this coming? the white house says no warnings, but one four star general. >> they protect our freedom, but now the white house wants to slash our military budget. congressman allen west says not so fast. >> and for you, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces to sit idle and do nothing while this dark cloud is hanging over our military. it's shameful, its irresponsible and it's wrong. >> should we cut our defense budget or just stop the waste. >> flying first class may longer mean a better life. how sitting in coach can actually keep you safer. "fox & friends" starts right now on a sunday. good morning. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for getting up early and tuning in. we're happy to be joined again by tucker carlson in for the vacationing dave briggs. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: and peter johnson. >> thank you both. >> alisyn: there's so much to tell you about what's going on in middle east and t
that all family members and nonessential u.s. government personnel leave sudan and tunisia. get right to greg who is there. >> good evening, greg. >> hey, judge, the state department warning a u.s. citizens not to travel here to tunisia. if you are here use extreme caution . we spoke to one official and that person was cautious all of this in response of the violence that was seen here in the u.s. embassy yesterday and thousands of protestors outside of the embassy and some scaled over the wall and looted and smashing windows. no embassy staffers were hurt. four protestors killed and 50 injured and that prompted a show of force from the tunisian embassy. we were outside and we saw armored carriiers and all precautionary the interior minister apologizing for not protecting the facility. tunisia is a moderate islamic. there are scary characters. next door in libya. a complex terror manhunt is just ging. for - beginning. for the ones who killed the ambassador. ther set to be in libya and traveling to benghazi and marines are already there. and two destroyers will be off of the coast of l
erupting in sudan and tunisia. now, forcing the u.s. state department to issue orders for all nonessential government and personnel and their families, there, to get out. good morning, everybody, i'm eric sean and welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. >> jamie: significant development overseas, i'm jamie colby, because, sudan's government is rejecting a u.s. request to send an elite team of marines into the country to protect the embassy and our own people, after the angry crowds there torched part of the german embassy and tried to storm the u.s. embassy, 48 hours ago. the state department warning the terrorist level remains critical, in that country and in tunisia americans are told to leave the country, immediately by our state department and stay away from the demonstration. defense secretary leon panetta warning the turmoil raging across the muslim world is likely to continue into the days ahead. our own greg palkot, taking a chance, live in the capital of tunisia. tell us what is happening there. >> reporter: juliey, no wonder the state department is concern
islamists won popular elections in tunisia, secretary of state hillary clinton told an audience of young tahitian " there are those here in thune asia and elsewhere who question whether islamic politics can be compatible with democracy. " tunisia has a chance to answer that question and to demonstrate that there is no contradiction. in our judgment, this kind of openness to democratic possibilities is a proper basis for american policy until the facts on the ground supplied a negative answer to secretary clinton's question. we have to be binocular. on the one hand, we have to look at the intellectual and ideological roots. on the other hand, we have to attend to the complexities of political reality and the differences that situations can make in the evolution of thought as it grapples with the responsibilities of governing the country. it is our view that is an open question whether the leadership in tunisia, the leadership in egypt, the leadership in turkey and elsewhere grappling with the complexities of government actual sightings as opposed to simply mounting opposition movements an
ordered all nonessential u.s. government personnel to leave sudan and tunisia and in libya there are reports of more arrests in the attack that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. for more on the continuing unrest let's bring in current leland in cairo, egypt. >> reporter: in cities across the middle east there is now a tense calm that has taken over here in cairo. hundreds if not thousands of riot police ready on standby in case violence breaks out, once again. for four days, it was a pitched fight between protesters on the street throwing molotov cocktails and hurling rocks and then police firing back with rubber bull lets and tear gas. the protesters carrying posters of only and chanting obama, obama, we are all osama. in tunisia, u.s. is citizens advised to evacuate the country and or not travel to tunisia after violence swept there that killed four people when protesters stormed the u.s. emba he is. the government of sudan denied entry to a marine special operations team that was deemed sent to secure the u.s. embassy after mass protests in that c
at andrew's air force base. let's go to tunisia. no north africa protesters have breached the u.s. embassy, the capital in tunisia. our journalist is joining us from tunisia, and i understand we lost that connection. we're going to get back to him and go on to another story, and many of the protests. what we are seeing here. we mention this -- this is the black flag. this is being carried by people in the crowd representing islam. it is called the shahada, the first pillar of islam, written in white letters. it says, quote, "there is no god but allah and muhammad is his messenger." it is an affirmation of faith. we want to bring in the crowds of angry egyptians are fighting with police in cairo right now. their anger aimed in part at the united states. you see those pictures. those people are climbing the walls for four days around the american embassy many tahrir square. you have protesters with rocks and bottles. you see the pictures there as they are lobbing them. we are going to get to ben weiderman as soon as we can who can give us a liveup on that situation there. outrage over an ant
clinton confront a situation where americans are under attack across the globe. >> in tunisia, birthplace of the arab spring, several thousand demonstrators near the embassy in capital of tu tunis, come scaling the compound -- some scaling the compound wall. they used arson to destroy a school vacant for the day. state television reported three dead, 28 injured. senior u.s. official told fox news the tunisia police did, "precisely what they should." in khartoom, rioters torched thegerman embassy and attacked the u.s. embassy as well, hoisting islamic flag in place of the stars and stripes. in cairo, area near the u.s. embassy and tahrir square throbbed with tension for another day. as riot police used tear gas to disburse crowds. egyptian president mohammed morsi prodded in intense phone call by president obama appeared on tv to appeal for calm. in yemen for what the u.s. officials called precautionary regions, fast team of marines arrived in the cakapoorcapital sanaa. tripoli, the thugs ransacked and set fire to western food chains. in all, three dozen locals from western europe to south
in tunisia at the u.s. embassy and the protesters were able to loot the american school there. today all nonessential personnel from the u.s. embassy and families were ordered out of tunisia. we're not entirely clear whether that was based on some kind of credible threat or a new level of the security assessment, but they have been sent home n. sudan where there were mass protests yesterday when a cleric there got on the radio and told people to head to the u.s. embassy, there were bus loads of people sent there, riot police had to beat them back in sudan. they have also evacuated the families and nonessential personnel which are being ordered out. here in egypt right now where i'm standing, the american embassy is 150 yards down the road. on that road are large concrete blocks. they built a wall about tennist to 15 feet high n some places 18 feet high of concrete blocks that could stop not only people from driving down there in their cars, but also to stop trucks. so nothing is getting anywhere close to the south embassy in cairo. we are told by local media that there was a credible thr
. in tunisia, in gaza, the protests continued in front of the u.s. embassy. friday. this is the dark side, brian, of the arab spring movement which empowered many looking for democracy, but also unleashed a great many radicals without the strongmen keeping them in check. there could be more incidents like this in the days, months and years to come. >> all right, richard engel starting off our coverage, now the response to the crisis, taking place on several fronts. we'll get to the political part of it. first, with us our chief foreign correspondent, andrea mitchell, with more on the response and much more on the dedicated american diplomat, who again has been killed on the job. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, the president consoled the grieving, saying that no act would shake the resolve on a great nation. barack obama vowed to bring the killers to justice. >> the libyans helped others to safety and carried steven's body to the hospital, where we learned he had died. >> reporter: the president then paid a condolence call on the shaken officers, suffering the first killin
in sudan is the latest target of protesters angry about an anti-islam video. >> in tunisia, at least three people are dead and 28 wounded as protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in the capital tunis. >> the pope brings a message of peace and reconciliation to 11 on, but his visit is also marred by deadly protests. violence is sweeping parts of the mideast in africa as protesters vent their anger over an anti-islam video. now, they are not just aiming their targets at the u.s. >> we go to sudan where thousands of demonstrators stormed the german and british embassies in the capital khartoum. reports says -- say they smashed windows before heading to the u.s. embassy. >> berlin says embassy staff are safe, but there are reports of one death near the u.s. mission. >> we will go live in just a moment, but first, we have this report. >> the violence erupted after friday prayers. an angry crowd stormed the german embassy in khartoum. smoke and flying rocks filled the air. their rage is directed toward germany and the west in general. >> when they insult our beliefs, our religion under the slogan
also protests in tunisia and afghanistan today. but cairo, egypt, a city rocked by violent protests earlier in the week today was quiet. here's a look at just how widespread the unrest has been. pros in more than a dozen countries this week, including libya. libyan officials believe islamic militants used it as a divergent to attack the consulate. we're live now in tripoli in the investigation. what have you learned? >> well, fredricka, it's starting to become clearer now the more officials are coming out and speaking about this. they're saying that the protests might not have even happened, might not have even taken place. that this was -- it seems to be a preplanned, premeditated attack by islamist groups, extremist groups that are operating in the eastern part of the country where the city of benghazi is. we heard yesterday from the country's general national that it's the ruling body here, that they spoke in benghazi and here is what he had to say. >> i wasn't given enough details about this by witnesses, and this makes me 100% sure that it was preplanned. and it was with terrib
embassies in sudan and yemen, warning u.s. citizens of the travel in those countries, as well as in tunisia where americans are encouraged to leave as worries about more violent protests escalate. a four-day standoff outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended this morning when riot police charged the protesters and cleared out tahrir square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country with no reported protests or violence. friday's day of rage spread across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today local citizens and security personnel surveyed damaged cars and buildings at the u.s. embassy now protected by armored vehicles while a u.s. marine rapid response team took up positions at yemen's charred u.s. embassy and western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sydney, australia, hundreds protesters clashed with riot police outside the u.s. consulate saying america had defiled their religion. >> we are defending our prophet muhammed's honor. >> reporter: with the whole middle east in crisis pope benedict xvi offered a message of peace in beirut
personnel from tunisia, sudan and they are investigating the u.s. ambassador murder in libya. forced to delay their arrival because of the violence. thousands of protesters across the globe taking to the streets. they're fueled by anti- islam film that was released by an american film maker ck obama is paying tribute to bay area native ambassador chris stevens and three others killed in the assault on the u.s. compound in libya, calling them patriots who served america's ideals -- and laid down their lives for others. >>reporter: some say it was deliberate. >> i was described actions by citizens. >>reporter: there is no believe th to be pre-planned. demonstrations however continue to be ongoing in other areas of the globe. line of defense was easily breached. this man died of smoke inhalation after being separated from his guard in the chaos. and the darkness. today, we spoke with some involved at the american muslim voice foundation in the bay area. this is what the director of the foundation had to say in response to the recent embassy talks in libya and the violent protest happeni
in tunisia and afghanistan, today. >>> and to the man who made the controversial muslim movie, the film-maker surfaced publicly for the first time during an overnight visit to his probation officer in los angeles. more from los angeles, miguel what impact has all of this had on the coptic christian community, since he professed to be a coptic christian? >>. >> reporter: yes, they're lying low here, i spoke to people who know him, go to the church he goes to. they are distancing themselves from the movie, that coptic christians don't go to. this is the work of one man, a collection of individuals who have done it. they don't have anything to do with it. their big concern is that it will be a problem for their loved ones in faraway lands. it is absolutely -- when you consider this film, now nakoula basseley nakoula is increasingly under the microscope. the federal officials opened up a review of his entire case. he is on probation for five years because he was convicted in 2010 of fraud. and last night, about midnight, los angeles county sheriff's deputies took him to a -- a federal facil
is tunisia. and [inaudible] be careful it's not a kiterty world. we have [inaudible] sometimes we call them war happy. they are literalist and the right name is -- [inaudible] they come with black and white they are changing the position. for years they were not involving politics. they were say it has nothing to do islam. in eighth months they changed their position and got 24%. who is pushing this people? who is pushing this people in too tunisia. to butt the government in a situation where they are faces problems because they don't know how to dream. they are dealing on the religious drebility. -- credibility we have the credibility and we are -- you are not tough enough with movies and arts and from of education presentation. we are the protecter or "the guardian." they are creating diversion from women. it's going to be difficult. it's going to be used by, you know, the poplar or -- [inaudible] our position this it not fall quickly in to the trap by saying this is starting again. it's to understand that from within the society, there are people who are pushed, and there are trends th
, yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. gwen: but the protests have spread as this google map shows. throughout the middle east and beyond. you can look and see -- it's pakistan, in london, it's everywhere all over the region and beyond. what happened in benghazi was tragic, but is this something that had been building for some time, david? or was this just the spark? >> gwen, i think it was the flip side of these revolutions that we all watched with sauch maysment and such enthusiasm in some cases in january and february of last year. you know, at the time of those uprising, president obama said what was remarkable about the arab spring was that it wasn't about us, it was about them. it was about throwing avenue old dictators. well, whenever you traveled through the region there wasals -- always -- was always still a little bit of an undercurrent of about us, whether we were supporting democracy or imposing our values. this week it really became about us because these awful videos that you've seen were really what happens when
in pakistan, lebanon, tunisia, yemen and the sudan. there is no sign of this slowing down. coming up we'll go live to tunisia for the latest on the unrest there. bill: kicked off there over the weekend. first now the attacks are raising questions whether or not u.s. foreign policy is to blame. senator john mccain thinks so, saying that the u.s. is not involved enough in tackling the region's problems. have a listen. >> it's disengagement. prior to 9/11 we had a policy of containment. then after 9/11 it was confrontation with the terrorists and al qaeda. now it is disengagement. every time, you just saw the spokespersons, we're leaving iraq, we're leaving afghanistan, we're leaving the area, the people in the area are having to adjust and they believe the united states is weak and they are taking appropriate action. bill: also over the weekend congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee and former fbi agent echoed that sentiment. >> the countries of middle east believe there is a disengagement policy by the united states and that lack of leadership there or at least c
.s. government personnel and their families out of sudan and tunisia. anti-american protests continue in those countries and more all sparked by a film produced by an individual in this country. tonight the man behind that film is being questioned by federal authorities in california. >> reporter: nakoula basseley nakoula wrapped a towel around his face as police took him in for questioning. the southern california filmmaker is linked to an antimuslim web video that sparked deadly protests in the muslim world. >> he was never arrested, never detained, never in custody. it was all scroll voluntary. >> reporter: he denies directing the film but federal authorities want to know if his involvement violates a condition of his parole. he was convicted of bank fraudand is banned from using the internet. protests spread to australia saturday. police used pepper spray to push back hundreds of demonstrators outside the american consulate in sidney. >> we're demending mohammed's honor. >> reporter: in cairo where the demonstrations began, officers cleared protesters from the square. demonstrations erupte
issued a travel warning so americans in tunisia, sudan and yemen, and has told families and nonessential government personnel to leave. al qaeda praised the death of chris stevens in libya. and called for more attacks on u.s. embassies. and in his first interview with an american tv station, the president of libya, told nbc news the attack on the u.s. consulate was planned. he also says lib yanz and foreigners were responsible for the assault that killed four americans. jim maceda has more now on the u.s. response from cairo. >> reporter: a four-day stand-off outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended early this morning. riot police charged the protesters and cleared outta rear square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country. but friday's day of rage sprea across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today, local citizens and security personnel, surveyed damaged cars and buildings at the u.s. embassy, now protected by armored vehicles. while a marine response team took up position at some western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sitny,
spread to more than 20 countries. one of the most violent in tunisia where ta mob tore down n american flag and raised a black banner of al-qaida as four americans murdered on attack returned home. richard engle begins our coverage. >> reporter: u.s. diplomatic out posts now appear to be easy targets. in yemen, for the second day, furious protesters decide to storm the embassy burning american flags as riot police fire water cannons. gunshots can be heard. why? because they say the u.s. isn't doing enough against the makers of that now infamous antiislam video. in tunisia, demonstrators set fires by the u.s. embassy gate. and in sudan, protesters turned their rage on the british and german embassies. those countries had nothing to do with the video. but they're foreign western powers. and for the mob, that's close enough. in cairo, the government called off massive demonstrations. the president went on television to urge calm. but clashes near the u.s. embassy continue. authorities had to build a wall to block an access road. there were demonstrations today in nearly 40 cities across t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 691 (some duplicates have been removed)